Precious Tom.

is a fullstack software engineer with
great interest in speed, security, and big data.

About Me

Tom a senior Fullstack web developer

with special focus on back-end development using PHP — has built game-changing solutions for corporate organizations that are robust, secure and scalable. He is also ardour about solving problems and keenly interested in improving security, speed, and usability of a product. He is an advocate for open source.

He is currently building solutions and product at Circlepanda


Engagement & Experience

Tom believes so much in collaboration & community. He holds a view that the future of tech and sustenance lies in the ability to collaborate & contribute in building cutting edge technologies. Hence, he has chosen to remain active in participating and growing communities around him, particularly in writing codes and research.

Before now, he has helped to mentor, contribute and grow awesome communities, within and beyond Africa.

Co-Founder | Board Member | Volunteer (2020)
Google Code-In
Mentor (2017-2019)
Google Summer of Code
Mentor (2017 & 2018)


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